12 Days of Christmas

879 total acts of kindness done.

About 12 Days of Christmas

30 churches throughout Ellis County are going to change their communities by “spurring each other on in love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24).  Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1:  Pray for God’s grace and anointing as you take action on each day’s assignment.

Step 2:  Click “I did this” at heisgreater.com

Step 3:  Share what you did on Twitter and Facebook using #heisgreater

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DAY 12 – Sunday, December 15: Bring your best offering to give at church.

The wisemen traveled a great distance to bring gifts to their King. We have spent the last 12 days bringing gifts to our local community.  Today, we want to challenge you to bring the gift of Jesus to the world by bringing your very best offering to your home church.

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Day 01 – Wednesday, December 4 – Give food to a family in need.

We know that visions of gumdrops are dancing in your head.  Not only gumdrops, but other holiday treats.  Why not help someone else see that vision.  Bring non-perishable food items to a local non-profit in your area.  We have listed a few of our partners below:

Red Oak – North Ellis County Outreach
Waxahachie – Waxahachie Care
Waxahachie – Faith Village
Midlothian – Manna House
Ennis – Helping Hands

Or you can drop them off at one of our Partnering Churches

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Day 02 – Thursday, December 5: Give up your place in line.

Give up your place in line, even if you’re in a hurry.  Make this holiday season a little more merry by letting others go first!

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Day 03 – Friday, December 6: Buy gas for someone today.

Buy gas for someone.  In our economy, people aren’t singing for figgy pudding, they’re wishing for free gas.  As you pull into the gas station today, pray about who God would lead you to help in this way, so they can go a little “farther” this holiday season.

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DAY 04 – Saturday, December 7: Sign up to volunteer this holiday season.

Get into the Holiday spirit by serving someone else.  Sign-up today to volunteer at a local non-profit organization or charity.  Look at a few of our serving suggestions below, or come up with one of your own.  Make a goal to put others first this Christmas!

Suggested Serving Opportunities:

> Go Christmas Caroling at a local Nursing Home
> Sign-up to ring the bell for the Salvation Army
> Volunteer at your local school to help with a Christmas Party
> Serve at a Soup Kitchen
> Volunteer at a local non-profit or your church home

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DAY 05 – Sunday, December 8: Donate to a local toy drive.

Make the Christmas wish of a child in need come true this year by donating gifts to a local toy drive.

The Oaks will be receiving gifts through Sunday, Dec. 15. Drop them off at church on Wednesday evening, Sunday morning or during the week at the church offices.

Here are a few local locations accepting gifts:

>North Ellis County Outreach – Red Oak, TX

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DAY 06 – Monday, December 9: Buy coffee for someone else.

Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger.  What if that cup of coffee you’re going to buy doesn’t just brighten your day, but someone else’s too?  Pick up the tab for someone behind you in line today.

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DAY 07 – Tuesday, December 10: Give baked goods to someone you respect.

Sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and peppermint fudge.  Make your favorite holiday treat, and deliver it to someone you are thankful for (servicemen/women, principal, teachers, coworkers, boss, etc).

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DAY 08 – Wednesday, December 11: Donate a coat or blanket for the homeless.

Many of us have blankets and coats sitting in our closets that we will not use this winter.  Bring your extra blankets and coats to donate to homeless individuals in the DFW area.

These items can be dropped off at one of our partnering churches.  Click here to find the closest one to you.

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DAY 09 – Thursday, December 12: Write an encouraging note to someone.

You’ve already mailed your letter to the North Pole with all of your Christmas wishes–now, write a letter to encourage someone who is a blessing to you.

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DAY 10 – Friday, December 13: Invite a neighbor to church with you.

Share the real gift of Christmas this year by inviting someone that doesn’t have a home church, to the Holiday services at your church.

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DAY 11 – Saturday, December 14: Drop some change in the bell ringer’s kettle.

Be the change by bringing some change.  Drop off your extra coins in the bell ringer’s kettle for the Salvation Army at your local Walmart.

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Random Acts of Kindness

As we make ourselves available for God to use us, He’ll give us opportunities and prompt us to step out in faith to share His love through acts of kindness.


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About HE IS >

HE IS > (greater) is a collaborative sermon series being used by church’s throughout Ellis County, Texas for the month of December 2013.  Participating churches will be focusing on similar sermons series each Sunday and random acts of kindness during the week through our “12 Days of Christmas” campaign.

This is an effort to let our congregations and communities know that while Christian churches are diverse, we are willing to work together to make Jesus our main focus.

The title “HE IS >” comes from statements Jesus makes in the Gospels (e.g. “Someone greater than Jonah is here”). We know that our world and our Christian faith faces enormous challenges, but we believe that He is greater than those challenges.  We believe that when we work together, we are greater, and we show HE IS >.

Holiday Schedule

Check below for worship schedules and special Christmas activities throughout Ellis County.




The Avenue Church - 
December 22 at 4p & 6p
December 23 at 4p & 6p
December 24 at 4p & 6p

The Oaks Fellowship -
December 24 at 6pm

Tabernacle Baptist Church - 
December 24 at 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm

Waxahachie Bible Church
December 24 at 6pm


The Oaks Fellowship – Little Drummer Boy Production
December 15 at 9:30am & 11:30am

Waxahachie Bible Church – The Night Shift Before Christmas
December 8th at 6:30pm

Waxahachie Bible Church – Jazz Concert to benefit Waxahachie CARE
December 15th after Worship Service